Thursday, December 1, 2011


I know that it has been several days since I have written, but it has been kind of quiet around here and I have appreciated that. Today was Emma’s dance day. I have to tell you that it was so FUN!! There was such joy as those ten girls danced, moved, and enjoyed each other. I love watching my grandchildren.

The wedding plans for Amy and Ethan are moving forward. There is such excitement around here. Her eyes just dance and we love the way that he takes care of her and protects her. Nothing but pure joy!!

We also received word today from the doctor’s office that I qualified for the study. I was happy about that. We will begin on Monday at 9:00. They certainly have tried to make this experience as nice for me as they can. As they explained today I will have an IV to hydrate me and then they will add the first drug. After they make sure that I do not react to anything, then they will do the same procedure with the second drug. After which they will give me a little more medication for nausea and to help keep infection out. The port has healed nicely and I am glad that we put it in a week in advance. It is kind of funny to have something inside of you that you can feel and see. I am sure that I will get to use to it at some point.

I was reading last night about hope. Michael Wilcox wrote about David and Goliath and that David prepared to meet his Goliath when he fought the bears and the lions that were there. His point is that we have been preparing for challenging times all the time and that we need to rely on the lessons that we have learned when we face them. The Lord has not left us alone. I have reflected on this today. I do know that there have been experiences in my life that have been given to me specifically to help me with this experience. Isn’t it good to know that the Lord is aware of each of us?



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