Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friday - Dec 9th

What a marvelous day!! It is one of those days you dream about from the time you understand that a new child will be joining your family. We took Amanda and Ethan and went to the temple. She looked so peaceful and beautiful and there was a sweet spirit presented. Ethan was so very attentive and kind to her. As we were walking in we met three girls and their leader Rhoda Ewing on the way to do baptisms. I couldn’t explain to them what it meant to have her doing what she was doing. It was a tender mercy to see them and see the excitement that they had.

It brought me back to the day that I went to be married to the man of my dreams. I needed to thank him so much for all the years together, but especially this last month, No one could have some one care as he has cared. He has done everything and is always looking to see if he can find a need I have. I am grateful that he is a priesthood holder and has used that priesthood in my behalf. I used to wonder if we could spend 24 hours a day together-I no longer do. I love you Kelly!!


Mark and Jacky’s little 14 month old boy, Ian (aka meatball), hasn’t been feeling well. When Mark and Jacky first flew home on Wednesday, little Ian would walk all around the house, stumbling and bumbling into things – he’s not use to walking on carpet. (Mark and Jacky have tile floors in El Salvador). So this morning as we arose, I asked Bear what we could do to help little Ian, and she simply said “roll him up in bubble wrap.” I had to smile J. Today was a wonderful day. My sweetheart was in good spirits and able to accomplish much good, even though fatigue is an issue. I discovered an article spotlighting her on the front page of our little Morgan County News – what a touching tribute to my sweetheart! (Thank you Allens!) She has indeed blessed this community. The Temple experience was clearly the highlight of our day. I pondered on the tender mercies of the Lord which permitted Sherie and me to see the last of our last children receive her endowments. Wow – Amanda was so beautiful, and Ethan was simpatico! We were grateful the Wilfords could join us. There was a sweet spirit; the ordinance workers were attentive and kind. How grateful I am for sacred ordinances and covenants available in Holy Temples! Thank you for all your prayers in behalf of my eternal companion. We love you. And I will be forever grateful to be with my sweetheart and family in the House of the Lord! Yeah Bear…!



MJS said...

Thank you for this blogspot. I love to come here to keep up on your progress and read the sweet and inspirational thoughts. Sherrie and Kelly, you have exceptional faith. My prayers are always with you. I love you so much!

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