Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

December 25, 2011

To really understand our Christmas, you have to understand our Christmas Eve. So I’ll begin yesterday. How wonderful it was to have the entire family (less beloved Timos) gathered at home to enjoy the spirit of Christ and a season of good will. Much of the morning was spent getting ready for the Porter Christmas reunion, this year down in Kaysville. We were thrilled to have Becky and her friend Damon and his family come join us. Another highlight was Skyping with Ed and Lori – they look and sound so good. Uncle Roger and Aunt Connie added frosting to our events. Of course, the nativity production – on both continents – was outstanding with a wonderful cast of grandkids and great grandkids. Nick, who will be heading to Spokane on his mission the middle of next month, won the privilege of being the donkey J. Our little Libby and Issac played Mary and Joseph and all grandkids had special parts. We even had camels this year! We honor Sherie’s parents, Aldin and Shirley Porter for establishing a tradition so many years ago that brings us together in the true spirit of Christ.

After the festivities, in a random act of spontaneity, our entire family drove to Antelope Island. Crazy fun. Matt, commenting to Mark, said he had never been, and Michelle urged them on, so off we went. What a special moment it was to dance on the ice-covered salty beaches and spy on slow moving bison.

The evening was filled with last minute purchases and family gathering to exchange gifts. As Timmy might say, I’m not going to lie – we were all beat, but thrilled to be together. Mom was tired, but loved every moment, as did I. She gave a tender lesson to the family on the Savior’s birth, the swaddling clothes and dedication of Mary. Mom and I were absolutely mesmerized by the moment. Mike and Dede took their kids home and the rest of us hit the sack for a long winter’s nap.

We love having Christmas on the Sabbath! It ought to happen every year on a Sunday. At around 8:15, we finally took a broom stick and knocked on the downstairs ceiling just below where the Fausetts were sleeping. My goodness they slept late. Unfortunately, our knocking only scared the kids. Issac and Palmer came down virtually in tears. I took Isaac and showed him the broom stick and let him bang the ceiling. What a wonderful gift exchange. A highlight of the day was to Skype with Elder Timothy Wright. Wow, he looks good. And he appears happy. It meant so much to us (and I suspect to him) that we could skype. I had to leave later for Church and participate in a Christmas program where I played my flute. Later, we drove to hear Mom and Dad Porter speak in Sacrament meeting. Unfortunately we only got the tail end of Dad’s talk. Apparently we got our strings crossed. But then we said a sad goodbye to Matt and Michelle as they headed out to Delaware to meet with Michelle’s family. The Fausetts also headed home (sigh…) and I took Mom to Sunday Christmas dinner at John and Connie’s home. Bear even got to see Becky’s girl, Olivia, by Skype. It was a wonderful day. We tried to go to bed early, but without success, as we prepared to take Mark, Jacky and Ian to the Salt Lake Airport. The next morning at 3:45 am, we said good byes to the last of our traveling children and returned to try and catch up on our sleep. We are glad Thomas is close, although we love to have all the family visit. Two wonderful, memorable days!

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Sounds busy but, so memorable and priceless. Merry Christmas.

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