Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December 6, 2011


I wanted to add some events that happened on Monday, December 5. Our little Mayli turned 6 years old and had a wonderful exciting day full of love and dance and everything that little girls love. Her mother also had a wisdom tooth extracted not so much fun, but she made it a special day for Mayli. Also beautiful Libby danced in her dance recital and then surprised her older brother and had him dance with her for one of the numbers up on stage. They were both so excited!


We just returned from the second treatment which went very well. Thomas was my number 1 driver today and entertainer. He helped me to tie around a blanket (not quite with a smile), but was very kind patient while we were there. I appreciate the time and effort it took on his part. I am feeling good. Most likely we will not see the side effects until Thursday or Friday, but why worry about that now. They have tried very hard to keep them stay at a minimum.
The treatment went faster than Monday, but about the same procedure. No extra tests and so we were able to move on.
I will go back tomorrow for the third treatment in this series.
I found a thought as I was reading a book by Patricia Holland called the Quiet Heart that I wanted to share:

No matter how serious the trial, how deep the distress, how great the affliction, God will never desert us. He never has, and He never will. He cannot do it. It is not His character. He is an unchangeable being, the same yesterday, the same today, and He will be the same throughout the eternal ages to come. We have found that God. We have made Him our friend, obeying His gospel: and He will stand by us. We may pass through deep waters but we shall not be consumed not overwhelmed. We shall emerge from all these trials and difficulties the better and purer for them, if we only trust in our God and Keep his commandments.”


(Look at those blue eyes)


(getting ready for her dance recital)



Gwen said...

We love the posts! Keep them coming, you are an inspiration to us all and we love you :) You and your family are in our prayers always.

Unknown said...

Did you guys ever have any idea you would have such good looking children, and such ADORABLE grandchildren??!!

Cutest ever!!!! Hang in there, Sher!
Hugs and kisses from all of us XOXOXOXOXO
Jer, Liz, Abs, Cans, and Lex : )

The Patty Cake House said...

Sure love you ALL!!!!!!

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