Friday, January 27, 2012

Well, this has been a great week. Our Libby girl turned 7 and had the most magical princess day any 7 year old girl could have. The house was turned into pink and she had breakfast in bed and was so very happy.

We started the second regiment of drugs a week and yesterday went in for the second treatment with both drugs. It was a long day but Amy was with me and we had a good time. I couldn't keep the chair from sliding out and with out long legs Amy and I were in the nurse’s way all day. I guess they need just a little obstacle. The treatment took about 4.5 hours (with a doctor’s visit included). It seems that I gained 13 lbs of water weight this week, so we are going to have to work on that. The doctor said the only way he thought I could have done that was to have a chocolate cake everyday and I don’t remember doing that unless I was asleep and if that happen I certainly didn't get to enjoy it. So it looks like another test on Tuesday to try and see what is going on.

So far so good. I had a little nausea last night, but was grateful for the medication. We go in today for the shot, and then we rest for a while.

Today as I was listening to my chemo tapes it asked to picture those who fight with me. I have to say I was touched as I reviewed the faces of my family and friends who have not left me to fight alone. I received such a warm feeling that I am blessed beyond all measure because of you and your love shown toward me. I know that the Lord has surrounded with the very best and that your love and prayers are building, lifting, protecting and carrying me at times. I could not do this alone, which brings me to Kelly. I will never be able to give, thank or love enough because of his kindness, devotion to me. He has been amazing and so loving and kind. I also must give thanks to his business associates who have given so much to allow Kelly to do what he is doing. They have been amazing. Know that I am grateful for all of you, for your love and fighting spirits.


Friday, January 20, 2012

January 20

My sweetheart appears to be down and out for the count, sawing logs – I am so grateful. Her breathing was a concern this evening, but she is doing well now at this 10:30 hour – a tender mercy. I’ll join her in a moment, but as I ponder on her goodness and love, I am deeply touched for the privilege I have to walk beside her. She is filled with Christ-like love and cares about everyone. I love her. In turn, I have to say how indebted we are to all of you who keep us in your prayers, who bring meals, who stop to visit, or who want to help in whatever way you can. Wow. Our hearts are deeply touched by your love and concern. May God bless you for your kindness, your service and your care. Please know that you all are also in our thoughts and prayers.


January 17

I know that this is getting kind of boring but I don’t quite know how to spice it up any. We went in hoping to start the third round of chemo and talk with the Doc. Dr. Litton explained that we had mixed response to the treatment and that I would not be on the study any longer. The larger tumor had reduced in size a little and so had a couple of them in my lungs, but it was minimal. The concern was the largest tumor in my long which had puffed up and grown a little. There were two others that had grown a little in my lungs also. This is not a typical reaction, but evidently not unexpected also.

Dr. Linton then put us on two different chemo drugs which we started on Thursday. My chemo schedule now is treatments on Day 1 and Day 8 with a shot on Day 9 in a 21 day schedule with scans at the end of the 2 cycle, but I do start all over with a 6 cycle treatment plan.

As he was going over the rest of the test my blood pressure has been low which might be contributing to fatigue also, so he took me off that medication as well as the water pills. He prescribed support hose to help with the swelling in my one leg and believe they have been wonderful. They have helped the leg a great deal which makes me almost want to jump up and

To make my day even better received word that Derik Wiscombe is engaged and saw some cute pictures!! Also that Janelle Thurston had her baby girl. I was sorry to hear of the loss of Fred
Thurston. What a great man he is.

I do have to let you know how blessed I feel. It was such a blessing from the Lord that I had the CAT scan and they found the blood clot. I was feeling no discomfort or any reason to be worried about a blood clot. I know that the Lord led us to that and to the change in the chemo. The
doctor as he was talking to me said you must be one of those people who can tolerate chemo well. I wanted to say to him I tolerate it well because of the fasting and praying of an unseen army who are praying and fasting and loving me. I tolerate it well because the Lord is aware of me and looking after me. You will never know the strength that I receive because of the feeling of love and support I receive from each of you. It is as if your arms are constantly around me. Know that I love ou and am grateful for each of you!


January 16

They finally let us leave about 2:00 and as nice as the people where I was so glad to come home. They set up an appointment for the next day to see Dr. Litton to go over the scans and talked about what we were going to do next.

My Mom and Dad were going to leave for St. George for a month stay, but stayed until I came home. They are wonderful and we stopped and said good bye to them.


January 14 – January 15

Well this last week has been an interesting week and there is much to catch up on. I am sorry that we have not been consistent in writing, but today is the day.

On Saturday morning we received a call for the on call doctor letting me know that one of the things that had shown up the CAT scan that had on Friday was a blood clot in my right lung. Dr. Klein asked me to go to the emergency room at McKay and check in. Kelly did keep the speed limit (mostly), but it was a little fast on the way down. We checked and they hooked me up to all the monitors and then the emergency room doctor came in and said that they needed to transfer me to IMC in Salt Lake where my doctor was. SO…I had a marvelous ride in the back of an ambulance watching everything (while looking backwards or after the fact) to Salt Lake. The paramedics were wonderful and so very kind. One of them was from Morgan – Shawn Waller. It was fun to see him.

So, they went to work on the blood clot. The doctors were concerned that the anti-blood thinning agent might cause problems with bleeding and the tumors, so instead I now have a filter at the base of the venous artery to catch blood clots. It was so amazing to watch (Kind of) how they did it. It took longer to prep me than it did to put in the filter. They just guide it down with a Catheter and then out it came and the filter stayed in. They did give me a shot in a preventive dose of anti-cloquent both on Saturday and Sunday evenings which is one of the reasons I had to stay until Monday. I guess I was also dehydrated which I promise they took care off.

The staff was amazing at the hospital and took very good care of me. I was on the 9th floor right above the helicopter which I enjoyed watching taking and landing. I appreciate all of the family and friends who came to visit. You have all been so very kind and thoughtful toward me and Kelly. Mike’s little girls came up and the whole floor was full of joy. Madi couldn’t understand why we wouldn’t let her ride that helicopter down there.


Friday, January 13, 2012


Yesterday I survived the dentist, not my favorite, but he did a good job and they helped with some of the discomfort of dry mouth and sores that you sometimes get with chemo. Today is the first of the big days where we go in for a scan and see how things are. The doctor will then read the scans and let us know on Tuesday how things are going. Needless to say I am a little nervous about this. I know that the Lord has me in his Hands so I just need to relex and move forward. As soon as we know what is going on, we will post the procedures on the web.

This has been a good week. I have been able to talk to many friends and I am even learning some new things, stretching for me. My sister worked with me on some handwork yesterday and Sister Shelly Visage is going to work on crocheting (this will be a real trick) If this works out everyone will be getting homemade items. I love all the hats that people have crochet or knitted for me. We have had wood delivered, cards , pictures, food, but mostly the chance to talk with you makes me so happy. I have missed everyone and the things I do, but all of the work has been picked up and nothing is missing. I appreciate your love, friendship, kindness, prayer and fasting. No one goes this alone and I am grateful you on this journey with me.

I have enjoyed talking with all of you. You brighten my day. What a blessing friends and families are. Thanks again to Sara Anne and Dede for doing this blog. They are amazing and it has been fun for me.


January 11-12, 2012
Priesthood Blessing

Today we thank the Lord for his tender mercies and for the strengthening power of the priesthood. Last evening I gave my sweetheart a blessing because breathing was a challenge. The Lord blessed her immediately and she enjoyed a good night’s sleep, arising the next day rejoicing! I love my sweetheart!


January 10, 2012
Eternal Family, Friends and Sealings

Since Bear was doing well today, I felt comfortable leaving her this morning with Thomas, and then Amanda who came around 10:00 am. What a blessing they were J I was able put in a good day at work. At noon two of her very good friends, Cathy and Lynette, came and visited. It was so uplifting to Bear. The sweetness of the day was further enhanced as I took my sweetheart to the Salt Lake Temple with Amanda and Ethan and several other family members, including nieces and nephews who were able to perform sealings for their very first time. Sherie, Melissa and Leslie were instrumental in making this evening happen, doing family history work and setting the date and time. Her father spoke at length to us and shared touching experiences as a sealer. At one point we did the work for a family of 11 children that included one set of triplets and three sets of twins. What a neat spirit!


January 8, 2012
The Sabbath and an Eagle Court

We love the Sabbath! Sherbear wanted so much to enjoy the day with the saints and so I helped her to the Stake Center for a Presidency meeting at noon and then for the three hour block with our wonderful Peterson ward. We were blessed and strengthen by the lessons on President Smith, on the Book of Mormon and the sincere testimonies of beloved ward members! Later this evening we had the pleasure to attend Swish’s Eagle Court where he was honored by family and friends. The veterans of foreign wars under the direction of Richard Wiscombe presented the thirteen folds of the American Flag and Whitney Morgan played America the Beautiful. Wow, what a powerful feeling! Jim and Liz, Swish’s Dad and Mom, are amazing people and we honor them for raising such wonderful children. The love Swish holds for Sherie and her love for him was further evident this evening. In a recent letter he framed for her, Swish thanked Sherie for all the help and care she has shown towards him over the past months and years. It touched my sweetheart deeply. At the end of the day, Bear was probably up longer than she should have been, but the blessings of the Lord’s Spirit sustained her – it was a very good day!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Love of My Life...

There is magic for me today in the number thirty-four. There is music in my soul and love in my heart. I told my sweetheart and eternal companion tonight as we enjoyed an Olive Garden dinner, that I vividly remember kneeling in the Idaho Falls Temple glancing at the most beautiful woman in the world kneeling across from me, and then looking around the sealing room at precious parents, family and dear friends all dressed in white. I shall never forget that sight or the incredible feeling that filled my soul. It is etched forever. And as dense as I sometimes get, even I knew this was a very special moment. Daddypa, (Bear’s grandfather) by authority of the Holy Priesthood, there in the House of the Lord, sealed us together for time and all eternity. (Daddypa is one of my all time heros!) Over the intervening years, I have pondered and rejoiced on the sacredness and power of the sealing ordinance in the House of the Lord as I have watched children, family and friends seal their love with sacred covenants. I am eternally grateful for sweet parents who raised my best friend and me, and who helped shepherd us to the House of the Lord that we might seal our love for all eternity!

I love Sherbear with all my being. I love her beauty, her virtue, her wisdom and her capacity to love and serve. I love her testimony of our Lord and Savior. I love her faith in the words of the ancient and modern prophets, and her sustaining love for priesthood leaders. Years ago – before the Kelly and Sherie Wright family got started and I was a rock (my kids know what that means…), – I felt within Sherie an amazing powerful spirit, and knew that I could never marry anyone else. There was no match. Bear has brought me unbelievable joy and rejoicing. Words cannot express the affection I hold for her.

The deepness of our love is founded in the Savior of the world. He is the apex of our relationship triangle and He brings us closer to each other as we ascend closer to Him. May all within the sound of my words know how dearly I honor and love one of God’s most precious and beautiful daughters! I am forever committed to protect, provide and care for her all the days of my life that we may be together forever! Our beautiful children and grandchildren have brought an incredible sweetness to our lives and we love them all dearly! My traditional bouquet of flowers with roses and daisies reflect you all!

Bear, thank you for such a wonderful continuing adventure… You are the love of my life!

Te Amo :)



Mom and Dad THANK YOU for:

loving each other,

teaching us how to love,

and building an eternal family!

Becuase of your faith, love and selflessness 1+1= 23 and (counting)

We are truly blessed beyond words.

Happy Anniversary

We love you so much!

Aaron, SaraAnne, Caleb, Elisabeth, Isaac, Palmer and LucyBelle

January 4, 2012

Yesterday I ventured to Salt Lake once again to meet with the doctors. This is the exam after to see how you are doing with the chemo treatment. All of my counts were up except for the red blood cells and they were down a little. Not much we can do about that, doctor said even if I ate liver every day, the counts would still be down and there is no way that having liver every day, even with onions. Thank you for your prayers in my behalf. I know that is what is helping me to stay healthily and be able to continue with the treatment.

Today is our anniversary. We were 34 years ago in the Idaho Falls temple, the last sealing that my Grandfather performed. It seems impossible that so many years have passed by, but we have been blessed to live in wonderful places, among great people, and to have 7 beautiful children and their spouses who bless our lives daily and then like the cheery on the top 11 ½ grandchildren who bring joy, laughter and excitement to us.

I love Kelly and he is the perfect match for me. Where I am weak he is strong and he is loved me through it all with his whole heart. I am grateful for his priesthood leadership, his preparing of the young men in our home for their missions and to be fathers, his gentle and wise leadership and most of all for his love for our Father in Heaven and His son.

Kelly know that I love you.


December 31, 2011

It is time to say Good-bye to 2011. What a ride, at least the last two months. I reflected on it yesterday and never in a million years would I have thought I would be experiencing what I am when 2011 began. And yet what a magnificent year.

We welcomed three new people into our family. Our Juliette, Lucy Belle and Ethan all joined us. Who could ask for anything better? Mark and Jacky took off for a great adventure in El Salvador and Tim found his way to Spain.

As I listened to one of my cancer tapes yesterday, it asked me to imagine the people who surround me, love me, and support me, as part of the army that will beat the cancer. I lay there thinking of the blessings of friend and family and visualizing all of you and many more. I saw family on the other side of the veil. I was overcome with emotion at the support, love, prayers and fasting that have gone up in my behalf. No one could be more blessed than I.

Then Kelly and I for our fun Happy New Year watched Mr. Krueger’s Christmas. In it Mr. Krueger’s says of the Savior, “He is my best friend.” I was touched as I thought of the love and tender mercies that have come into my life especially these last two months. Even yesterday Kelly was led to a friend who performed such a great service for us. The Lord put this individual right in Kelly’s path and he and his little family blessed me greatly. It seems everyday the Lord blesses me with what I need to make the day and do so to the best of what I have. You will never know how grateful I am for visits, cards, hats, a phone call, and knowing that you are thinking me. I can feel your prayers tangibly. They give me great strength.

So for all of you friends family—so that I ramble but know that I love you, you are part of my fighting army and we will battle this thru. Have a GREAT NEW YEAR!! I love you.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Eve

Because we were so spontaneous and Random, we were able to see these incredible things when we visited on Antelope Island.

My cute grandbabies out on the Great Salt Lake

Michelle & Dede

Matt and Michelle

Thomas & Ethan

The most important...

All of my Grandbabies getting ready for the Natvitiy.

(Aren't they the cutest!)