Friday, January 20, 2012

January 14 – January 15

Well this last week has been an interesting week and there is much to catch up on. I am sorry that we have not been consistent in writing, but today is the day.

On Saturday morning we received a call for the on call doctor letting me know that one of the things that had shown up the CAT scan that had on Friday was a blood clot in my right lung. Dr. Klein asked me to go to the emergency room at McKay and check in. Kelly did keep the speed limit (mostly), but it was a little fast on the way down. We checked and they hooked me up to all the monitors and then the emergency room doctor came in and said that they needed to transfer me to IMC in Salt Lake where my doctor was. SO…I had a marvelous ride in the back of an ambulance watching everything (while looking backwards or after the fact) to Salt Lake. The paramedics were wonderful and so very kind. One of them was from Morgan – Shawn Waller. It was fun to see him.

So, they went to work on the blood clot. The doctors were concerned that the anti-blood thinning agent might cause problems with bleeding and the tumors, so instead I now have a filter at the base of the venous artery to catch blood clots. It was so amazing to watch (Kind of) how they did it. It took longer to prep me than it did to put in the filter. They just guide it down with a Catheter and then out it came and the filter stayed in. They did give me a shot in a preventive dose of anti-cloquent both on Saturday and Sunday evenings which is one of the reasons I had to stay until Monday. I guess I was also dehydrated which I promise they took care off.

The staff was amazing at the hospital and took very good care of me. I was on the 9th floor right above the helicopter which I enjoyed watching taking and landing. I appreciate all of the family and friends who came to visit. You have all been so very kind and thoughtful toward me and Kelly. Mike’s little girls came up and the whole floor was full of joy. Madi couldn’t understand why we wouldn’t let her ride that helicopter down there.



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