Friday, January 20, 2012

January 17

I know that this is getting kind of boring but I don’t quite know how to spice it up any. We went in hoping to start the third round of chemo and talk with the Doc. Dr. Litton explained that we had mixed response to the treatment and that I would not be on the study any longer. The larger tumor had reduced in size a little and so had a couple of them in my lungs, but it was minimal. The concern was the largest tumor in my long which had puffed up and grown a little. There were two others that had grown a little in my lungs also. This is not a typical reaction, but evidently not unexpected also.

Dr. Linton then put us on two different chemo drugs which we started on Thursday. My chemo schedule now is treatments on Day 1 and Day 8 with a shot on Day 9 in a 21 day schedule with scans at the end of the 2 cycle, but I do start all over with a 6 cycle treatment plan.

As he was going over the rest of the test my blood pressure has been low which might be contributing to fatigue also, so he took me off that medication as well as the water pills. He prescribed support hose to help with the swelling in my one leg and believe they have been wonderful. They have helped the leg a great deal which makes me almost want to jump up and

To make my day even better received word that Derik Wiscombe is engaged and saw some cute pictures!! Also that Janelle Thurston had her baby girl. I was sorry to hear of the loss of Fred
Thurston. What a great man he is.

I do have to let you know how blessed I feel. It was such a blessing from the Lord that I had the CAT scan and they found the blood clot. I was feeling no discomfort or any reason to be worried about a blood clot. I know that the Lord led us to that and to the change in the chemo. The
doctor as he was talking to me said you must be one of those people who can tolerate chemo well. I wanted to say to him I tolerate it well because of the fasting and praying of an unseen army who are praying and fasting and loving me. I tolerate it well because the Lord is aware of me and looking after me. You will never know the strength that I receive because of the feeling of love and support I receive from each of you. It is as if your arms are constantly around me. Know that I love ou and am grateful for each of you!



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