Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Love of My Life...

There is magic for me today in the number thirty-four. There is music in my soul and love in my heart. I told my sweetheart and eternal companion tonight as we enjoyed an Olive Garden dinner, that I vividly remember kneeling in the Idaho Falls Temple glancing at the most beautiful woman in the world kneeling across from me, and then looking around the sealing room at precious parents, family and dear friends all dressed in white. I shall never forget that sight or the incredible feeling that filled my soul. It is etched forever. And as dense as I sometimes get, even I knew this was a very special moment. Daddypa, (Bear’s grandfather) by authority of the Holy Priesthood, there in the House of the Lord, sealed us together for time and all eternity. (Daddypa is one of my all time heros!) Over the intervening years, I have pondered and rejoiced on the sacredness and power of the sealing ordinance in the House of the Lord as I have watched children, family and friends seal their love with sacred covenants. I am eternally grateful for sweet parents who raised my best friend and me, and who helped shepherd us to the House of the Lord that we might seal our love for all eternity!

I love Sherbear with all my being. I love her beauty, her virtue, her wisdom and her capacity to love and serve. I love her testimony of our Lord and Savior. I love her faith in the words of the ancient and modern prophets, and her sustaining love for priesthood leaders. Years ago – before the Kelly and Sherie Wright family got started and I was a rock (my kids know what that means…), – I felt within Sherie an amazing powerful spirit, and knew that I could never marry anyone else. There was no match. Bear has brought me unbelievable joy and rejoicing. Words cannot express the affection I hold for her.

The deepness of our love is founded in the Savior of the world. He is the apex of our relationship triangle and He brings us closer to each other as we ascend closer to Him. May all within the sound of my words know how dearly I honor and love one of God’s most precious and beautiful daughters! I am forever committed to protect, provide and care for her all the days of my life that we may be together forever! Our beautiful children and grandchildren have brought an incredible sweetness to our lives and we love them all dearly! My traditional bouquet of flowers with roses and daisies reflect you all!

Bear, thank you for such a wonderful continuing adventure… You are the love of my life!

Te Amo :)



Leslie Scoresby said...

O.k. Kelly you make me cry! We're so grateful the rock was the wrong description and your kindness and goodness have blessed our sister for all of these years!
I love you both!

Julie said...

Kelly what a sweet man! You are the perfect person for my sister. You have always loved her and taught your children to do the same. They are sweet and gentle people just like their parents. I love you for taking such good care of her, and for being one of us:) Sher I love you big bunches. Happy Anniversary you two

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