Monday, March 26, 2012

My dear sweetheart, I love you.
I always have, and I always will.
My love is eternal;
Our love will be everlasting.
I miss you.
You are strikingly beautiful.
There is profound beauty in your soul.
I knew the first day I met you.
Your beauty, your grace and your virtue have filled my life with joy…
You have blessed my life forever!
Our family – children, grandchildren and future posterity –
Continue as a testament to your goodness and love.
I thank God we are bound together in love
Through eternal covenants sealed by Priesthood authority
I find peace in this truth.
Christ is the Center of our Home.
He Stands at the Apex of our Relationship.
We love the Father; and we love His plan.
We revere and hearken to His prophets;
We strive to hold fast to the iron rod.
As one of God’s valiant daughters,
You are of infinite worth, infinite potential, and infinite capacity.
As a son of God, I was given to you to bless, protect and provide.
You leave mortality with a legacy of faith, courage and strength
It will never fade.
I will live to honor your name.
You are an elect lady
From your divine nature flow
And Love
Thank you for your smile, your laugh, and that look you gave me from time to time,
(You know the one I mean)
Thank you for your affection.
Thank you for our family.
Thank you for your music that always makes my heart sing.
Thank you for your Christlike acts of service,
You love and are beloved of family and community
I will live the balance of my mortal journey
that I may always hold your affection.
I can never forget you.
I hold your memory close.
May the Lord hold you safe in His arms of everlasting love,
Until we embrace again.
ly cl

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sherie Porter Wright

1954 ~ 2012

After a courageous battle with cancer, Sherie Porter Wright, 57, passed away peacefully in the loving arms of her sweetheart and surrounded by her loved ones on Saturday, March 10, 2012 at her home in Peterson, Utah.

Sherie was born on April 22, 1954 in Provo, Utah to L. Aldin and Shirley Porter. The eldest of six children, Sherie attended Ricks College and, after serving faithfully in the Anaheim, California Mission, she married Kelly W. Wright on January 4, 1978 in the Idaho Falls Temple.

The quintessential nurturer, Sherie's greatest joy in life came from teaching and loving her children and grandchildren. She delighted in service to her family, friends and community, especially through her work with the Morgan High School Volleyball Team and on the scholarship board. She loved to read, treasured education and believed that happiness and achievement in this life both require hard work.

Sherie manifested her deep love for our Savior, Jesus Christ, and His gospel as she daily went about doing good. No matter the pain or sacrifice, she remained dedicated to doing the Lord's will, always seeking to bind wounded hearts and lift up heavy hands, even when weighed down with her own temporal cares. She found great joy through family history work and serving in the temple.

She is survived by her eternal companion, Kelly W. Wright; her seven children and their spouses, Sara Anne and Aaron Fausett, Michael and Diedre Wright, Matthew and Michelle Wright, Thomas Wright, Mark and Jacky Wright, Amanda and Ethan Wilford and Elder Timothy Wright; her eleven grandchildren, Caleb, Elisabeth, Isaac, Palmer, Lucy Belle, Katelyn, Mayli, Madilyn, Juliet, Emma and Ian; her parents, L. Aldin and Shirley Porter; and her siblings and their spouses, Lorie and Ed Watts, Julie and Ralph Powell, Leslie and Blair Scoresby, Brent and Melissa Porter and John and Connie Porter.

Funeral services will be held Thursday, March 15, 2012 at 12 noon at the Morgan North Stake Chapel, 2755 W Old Hwy Road, Morgan. A visitation will be held Wednesday, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Walker Mortuary, 45 West 200 North, Morgan and Thursday at the Morgan North Stake Center from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m.

Interment, Peterson Cemetery.

We are grateful for the outpouring of love from the community and the many offers of help and service we've received. In honor of our beloved wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister and friend, we invite those who wish to help to do as Sherie would and find someone who is lonely, downtrodden or in need of cheer and bless their life with acts of Christlike service. Also, in lieu of flowers, those who wish are invited to donate to the Temple Patron Fund of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Charming and Delightful Miss Sherie (texting)

Mom goes in tomorrow for broncscopy to check out her lungs they want to make sure there are no obstructions to the bronchial tubes. If there are, they may try and remove them. I’ll keep you posted thanks for your love, faith, and prayers. You are awesome you mean the world to us :) ly Feb 8 3:24 PM

Mom is hanging in there. Oxy at 93 at 7 liter. Waiting for docs. She’s a tough cookie :) ly Feb 9 7:52 AM

They just told us the broncoscopy for bear will be at 3 PM Feb 9 8:53 AM

They found one tumor that is blocking the left lower bronchial tube. The right lung looks good. A culture taken will tell them the best antibiotic. They will get her better and then remove the tumor. And on with treatments… We are so encouraged! Thank you for your love, faith and prayers! ly :) Feb 9 4:28 PM

Mom passed the night well. Her stats are good, her spirits even better. We are in a wait-and-see holding pattern. I’ll let you know when I know anything more. But we both wish you a marvelous day…. TGIF :) ly Feb 10 8:18 AM

Thank you for sharing your hearts, your time and your love with us tonight. Your faith and prayers are so sustaining. We are grateful for priesthood power! May the lord bless you as we continue the road to recovery. :) ly Feb 10 8:27 PM

Your cute mother is hanging in there. Had a good night, but still pretty sick. ly Feb 11 8:50 AM

Thursday, March 1, 2012

February 23-March 1

On the 23rd I left Murray Hospital and was transported by ambulance to the Promise Hospital located in LDS Hospital in Salt Lake. Promise Hospital is an acute care rehab hospital that is going to help me get stronger, get radiation treatment to my lungs, and finish my antibiotics from the PCP. We were admitted late Thursday to a shared room. On Friday I was able to get my first treatment of radiation. And how evaluation for physical therapy. Feeding tube was still in, but I was working hard at eating so I could get it out. Weekend went by okay. No new improvements. I was fortunate enough to get a treat basket from the Peterson Ward with a lot of cards and goodies. And a beautiful quilt made by a good friend Sandra Jensen. That cheered my spirits and lifted me. On Sunday night I was able to get my PICC line out, and we were also able to hear the Peterson Ward Sacrament meeting and were able to recieve the sacrament here. Monday we had our second treatment of radiation. The wonderful Newton family came and sang to me and brought me some yummy cookies. We met with the pain doctor to try to put a nerve block in to help with the pain that we thought was coming from the tumor in my back, but it turns out it was a pinched nerve. Which was a miracle. The doctor gave a steriod shot and that help to relieve some of the pain. On Tuesday the feeding tube FINALLY came out! Wahoo! They continue to keep me on a low sodium, renal diet. Which is very bland, but it is ten times better than having the feeding tube in. This whole week I have been working with phyiscal, occupational, and respiratory therapy to help get me stronger. I will finish my antibiotics tomorrow for the PCP, and I just finished up my fifth and final day of radiation for the tumor in my lungs. I am currently on 4 liters of oxygen and keep my oxygen saturation above 90 percent. Thanks for the love!


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 13-23

We are going to summarize this all in one. During this time I was still in the Respiratory ICU down at Murray Hospital. On Friday the 10th I had a very rough day. They put a feeding tube in to prevent me from aspirating and they could control the amount of calories I had. On that night all the kids that were around including Thomas, Amy and Ethan, the Fausetts and Wrights, along with our wonderful Bishop, and my mom and dad gathered in the ICU and they gave me a blessing. There is such strength in families and the priesthood. I even got to talk to my missionary Elder Timothy Wright. I told him to keep up the work. Best medicine that could come came on Saturday and Sunday, my wonderful sons Mark and Matt along with Jacky and Ian were able to fly in from out of the country. We just missed our Michelle and our little M3. Then on Sunday the 12th it was not a good day. Nothing went right. The test results were low, I was not making much progress, it was a discouraging day.The only uplifting this was I got to listen to the Peterson Ward sacrament meeting via audio. Technology is amazing. About 2 am on Monday morning I had a sweet spirit come over me that said "Be still and Remember that I am God." I went back to sleep, and from that time on the oxygen levels have come down from that point where I was on 100 percent oxygen to where I am right now on 4 liters of oxygen. That was a significant turning point. During that week we started participating in physical therapy. Still very week, the therapy felt good. On February 19th we were able to celebrate 59 years of marriage for my parents. What a blessing it is to grow up in a home where the gospel is taught and lived, and where your parents love one another and each of their children. Love you Mom and Dad. I remained in the ICU until the 23rd where the transported me via ambulance to the Promise Hospital which is located in the LDS hospital. Promise Hospital is an acute care rehab hospital. Thanks for all the care at the Murray Hospital ICU. We had many attentive nurses, techs, doctors, therapists, and dieticians. We also want to thank for you all for the encouraging cards, flowers, texts, prayers, thoughts. We made it through all of that because of the love and support of our family and friends. Thank you!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

7-12 February 2012
Challenging Week
Thanks to the wonderful oximeter from the Fausetts (what a blessing!), we have been able to monitor Sher’s oxygen saturation for several days. On Tuesday afternoon, February 7th, at our doctor’s appointment, her oxygen was seriously low, and so I immediately took her to the IMC Emergency Room. The ER doc took a chest X-Ray and then a CT scan, and discovered additional blood clots and pneumonia. She was admitted to the Respiratory ICU at the IMC in Murray where the good doctors, nurses, technicians and others have been so kind in caring for her. On Thursday, Dr.Dean directed a bronchoscopy where they looked at her lungs with a miniature camera and cleansed them with a sterile fluid. The discovered a tumor that was blocking the lower left brochial tube. We are hopeful in time they will be able to remove the tumor, but we have to get her better first. From a culture taken from the lungs, we learned Bear has Pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP), an opportunistic form of pneumonia caused by a yeast-like fungus. Apparently, a pathogen specific to humans can cause lung infection in people with a weak immune system, e.g., people with cancer, HIV/AIDS and the use of medications that affect the immune system. It is very dangerous. They have Sher on oxygen and lots of antibiotics. Sher has an unconquerable spirit. She is amazing and we have felt a flood of love, faith and prayers from family and friends. We thank you for love and concern. Sher is resting well this evening with good stats and we will continue to trust in the Lord. We are thankful for the angels at this hospital who continue to care tenderly for my sweetheart. We have been so grateful to wonderful family who have gathered to sustain and bless us!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I thought you would enjoy this thought. I loved it.

The Masterpiece Makers Delivered By: Lloyd D. Newell

Have you ever seen a painting by the artist Renoir—in a museum perhaps, or in a book of impressionist art? We marvel at the beauty he captured, the sudden burst of color in a portrait, the serenity of a French meadow scene.

But as famous as Renoir is, few people realize that he painted much of his work in excruciating pain. Renoir was so crippled with rheumatoid arthritis that he had to sleep with a wire contraption that kept his sheets from touching his body. His deformed hands had to be wrapped with gauze; otherwise his fingernails would grow into his flesh. He couldn’t even pick up a paintbrush. And yet he would sit before a canvas in his wheelchair, have someone wedge a brush between his claw-like fingers, and paint visions of joy and delight.

It’s easy to see why Renoir’s illness is not well known, because not a shred of bitterness or despair appears in his work. Renoir was the model of a cheerful attitude, saying, "The pain passes, . . . but the beauty remains,”1 and "One must from time to time attempt things that are beyond one’s capacity.”2

On rare occasions we meet someone like this—a person who is in great personal pain but somehow manages to be joyful, even vibrant. We stand in awe of such people; they refuse to focus attention on themselves but instead inspire us to rise above our own sufferings and create beauty for those around us.

The next time someone asks, "Have you ever seen a Renoir?” you might think of a beautiful painting, but you might also think of the Renoirs you know—the everyday people who teach us, by their remarkable example, how to forget our own problems and focus on what we can do to bring joy to others.