Friday, December 30, 2011

December 30, 2011

Well, we made it through the next two days of treatments!! We are 1/3 of the way through the cycles. I go into for a shot and then we can bring in the New Year. So far so good. My two great sisters took me down and stayed with me the last two days. It was fun. We always take some thing to do and then we never quit talking. I have about decided to leave the bag at home, it is better to talk.

The staff is wonderful at the clinic and I am enjoying working with them. They are so kind and gentle, but positive and happy. I continue to learn a great deal. As Kelly and I were driving to my sisters yesterday we read in Mosiah these words “that he remembereth, every creature he creating.” I know that he knows me. My testimony of the healing power of the atonement, not just physically, but spiritually, has been strength because He knows me. As President James Fauset asked “how many precious drops of blood were spilled for me?” The people that have been sent to help strength our family during this period of time have lifted, given us hope, and loved us were sent because of their love of the Lord and of his children.

I have just a little hair left on the top of my head. Kelly has decided to call it angel hair because it is hardly visible, but I still have some. Other than being fatigued and a little swollen I can’t complain.

Everyone have a great New Year!! I am celebrating New York time-so I will be in bed by 10:00, because I do turn into a pumpkin about then. Love to all!


Thursday, December 29, 2011

ROUND TWO – Sherie 2, Cancer 0!

27 December 2011

I had the honor and privilege of taking my sweetheart to begin round two. It was a good day. Bear felt reasonably good. She scored a 93 on the oximeter, which is a winner as far as I’m concerned! Other than fatigue and weakness, Bear is doing well. We are grateful to the Lord for His tender mercies in our behalf, for the great attending medical staff and doctors. They gave her a prescription for dealing with water retention because her left leg has swollen a bit.

Dashing Escort J

28 December 2011

Melissa Porter had the privilege to take Bear today. We are so grateful to her, and to her family. The treatment went well again today. Bear has maintained a remarkable attitude. Only one more day of treatment and then the $6,000.00 shot on Friday. The center will administer a scan at the end of this treatment and give us the results of the chemo treatment. We will have more information the middle of January.


Christmas 2011

December 25, 2011

To really understand our Christmas, you have to understand our Christmas Eve. So I’ll begin yesterday. How wonderful it was to have the entire family (less beloved Timos) gathered at home to enjoy the spirit of Christ and a season of good will. Much of the morning was spent getting ready for the Porter Christmas reunion, this year down in Kaysville. We were thrilled to have Becky and her friend Damon and his family come join us. Another highlight was Skyping with Ed and Lori – they look and sound so good. Uncle Roger and Aunt Connie added frosting to our events. Of course, the nativity production – on both continents – was outstanding with a wonderful cast of grandkids and great grandkids. Nick, who will be heading to Spokane on his mission the middle of next month, won the privilege of being the donkey J. Our little Libby and Issac played Mary and Joseph and all grandkids had special parts. We even had camels this year! We honor Sherie’s parents, Aldin and Shirley Porter for establishing a tradition so many years ago that brings us together in the true spirit of Christ.

After the festivities, in a random act of spontaneity, our entire family drove to Antelope Island. Crazy fun. Matt, commenting to Mark, said he had never been, and Michelle urged them on, so off we went. What a special moment it was to dance on the ice-covered salty beaches and spy on slow moving bison.

The evening was filled with last minute purchases and family gathering to exchange gifts. As Timmy might say, I’m not going to lie – we were all beat, but thrilled to be together. Mom was tired, but loved every moment, as did I. She gave a tender lesson to the family on the Savior’s birth, the swaddling clothes and dedication of Mary. Mom and I were absolutely mesmerized by the moment. Mike and Dede took their kids home and the rest of us hit the sack for a long winter’s nap.

We love having Christmas on the Sabbath! It ought to happen every year on a Sunday. At around 8:15, we finally took a broom stick and knocked on the downstairs ceiling just below where the Fausetts were sleeping. My goodness they slept late. Unfortunately, our knocking only scared the kids. Issac and Palmer came down virtually in tears. I took Isaac and showed him the broom stick and let him bang the ceiling. What a wonderful gift exchange. A highlight of the day was to Skype with Elder Timothy Wright. Wow, he looks good. And he appears happy. It meant so much to us (and I suspect to him) that we could skype. I had to leave later for Church and participate in a Christmas program where I played my flute. Later, we drove to hear Mom and Dad Porter speak in Sacrament meeting. Unfortunately we only got the tail end of Dad’s talk. Apparently we got our strings crossed. But then we said a sad goodbye to Matt and Michelle as they headed out to Delaware to meet with Michelle’s family. The Fausetts also headed home (sigh…) and I took Mom to Sunday Christmas dinner at John and Connie’s home. Bear even got to see Becky’s girl, Olivia, by Skype. It was a wonderful day. We tried to go to bed early, but without success, as we prepared to take Mark, Jacky and Ian to the Salt Lake Airport. The next morning at 3:45 am, we said good byes to the last of our traveling children and returned to try and catch up on our sleep. We are glad Thomas is close, although we love to have all the family visit. Two wonderful, memorable days!

KelWil &Sherie

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A happy Day!

Mr. & Mrs. Wilford

The Girls with Elder Wright

Father & Son

All the girls

Thomas, Elder Wright, Mark & Ian

(being Hard core)

Cutting the cake

The Wright Family

A beautiful bride with her Mother

Daddy's little girl

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Amanda's Wedding Day

Well today was the day. Amy came bouncing down the stairs at 5:30 singing “I’m getting married”. Then she was off running, hair appointment at 7:00 and I am already exhausted and the day has just started!!

Most everything was set for the wedding on Wednesday night. Suzi and Doug Chard had done a great job and we brought in just a few little things. Leslie, Blair, Melissa, and Grant helped the rest of the group finished. I thought it looked wonderful and I think that Amanda was happy with the end project.

As we were decorating we received word that my little grand nephew (13 days) was going to primary hospital for a surgery today (Thursday). He has water on the brain so they had to get him down here and relieve that pressure. His mother had just been released from the hospital on Saturday because she had c-diff. The surgery went well and the fluid is draining and we are grateful.

The temple was wonderful. My father was able to perform the ceremony and it was wonderful to see so many family, friends. Ethan is a great young man and will take care of and love her. When Amy came in to say bye so that she could run, she said “I have been waiting for this day all my life. I dreamed of the day I would go to the temple and be married.” Pay day

Just a couple of other things. Isaac Sara’s 4 year-old was in quite a deep discussion with his mother. He said, I know when we see Nannie her hair will have fallen out because of the medicine. Sara told him that was true but it was ok because it will grow back in. He then asked, "Well what happen to Papa’s hair, is it growing back in?"

It was a wonderful day!! Thank you to all who helped, but thanks to all who came and helped us to celebrate this day. We love you and are grateful for your love and concern for us. No one walks alone!


It was indeed a wonderful day – and our hearts are full for the kindnesses of family, neighbors and friends who gave of their time and talents to bless our family!! How we thank you! As Sherie noted, when Amy stated “I dreamed of the day I would go to the temple and be married,” she added, “this is what I’ve wanted to do ever since I was four years old.” What a sweet realization for all of us, and how important it struck me that we love and teach our young children of temples, sacred covenants and eternity. The boys and I gathered just before Ethan took Amy to the Temple and gave Sherie a priesthood blessing; and then we watched as the Lord sustained her throughout the day, even to being able to stay in the reception line for two and a half hours! We will be forever grateful. Today we were especially blessed by the Wilford family – amazing people! How grateful we are to have their son, Ethan, as part of the family. I watched his tenderness in the Temple as he took the hand of our little daughter. He is a good man and makes this father ever so confident that his little girl will be well taken care of. After Amy’s first dance with her good husband, I had the chance to dance with her. Peanut Butter (as I like to call her), whispered to me that this is exactly what she had always wanted, that everything turned out perfect, and how happy she was. My heart melted. I shall always cherish the moment; and I shall always cherish this day with children and grandchildren, extended family and wonderful friends. Most importantly, I shall cherish this day with my beautiful eternal sweetheart and companion!

Papa, the-other-one-with-not-so-much-hair


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Doctor Visit

Doctor report was very good. All the counts were up but one and it was still in the normal range. Everything looks like a go for next Tuesday to start the process all over again and then we will be ½ of the way finished!!


December 19, 2011

What a day!! Today 10 years ago, my first grandchild came into this world. Caleb Aaron Fausett was born and he has been a joy ever since. Caleb loves science, math, legos, and his brothers and sisters and his parents. He is asking how I am and if he is here, he rubs my feet, gets me water before I know I need it and just talks to me. His Mom and Dad are lucky to have such a great helper. Happy Birthday Caleb!!

On another note, Sunday night I was getting ready for bed when all of a sudden there I stood with a hand full of hair. It was like the strangest sensation. There was no pain, there was nothing, just hair and believe me, there is hair everywhere now. I had no idea that I had that much hair. Right now I kind of look like Kelly in the hair department. I still have some, but not much-so the question becomes, hat woman or wig women?? Can’t see me in either, but I am going to have make a choice I think. My dear niece Krystal made me 2 beautiful hats. I am so grateful for her kindness.

I go back into to see the doctor on Tuesday just for a check-up. I am trying to have the strength for the big wedding on Thursday which we are very excited for. Ethan is a great young man and he loves Amanda. This has been just such a fun filled week with everyone here and Christmas and a wedding. Last night we watched Scrooge. The second ghost sings “I like life, life likes me:” That is how I feel I love life!!! We are so blessed to have the experiences that we are having and learning and growing and loving. Sometimes there is so much love it is overwhelming. So grateful for the simple and wonderful things we have such as family and friends. I could not do this alone.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

December 16, 2011

This is an exciting day at our house. Matt and Michelle will fly in from Hong Kong this afternoon and I can hardly wait. It has been such a joy to have Mark, Jacky and Ian here and now to have those far flung world travelers for a week, seems like a dream come true. The sky is so blue and the world is beautiful!!

The wedding plans keep moving. We are so excited for the big day. Amanda and Ethan can hardly wait, and are busy trying to keep themselves busy getting the apartment ready. Ethan has finished school for this semester and Amanda is just busy working trying to get the money together, and we are all counting down to the big day!!

I seem to have started to gain some strength back. Yesterday was a very good day. I was able to get all the present wrapped(Yea) and to get a couple of things done.

Jacky and Mark have taken care of every whim. There isn’t anything I could possibly want that they have taken care, including fixing me Guatemalan hot dogs last night. So good!!

I was sitting here this morning thinking about the beauty of this season and reflecting upon the Savior. I thought of Mary and wondered what she thought about. What joy she must have felt knowing that the baby so coming. I am so grateful to be a mother. I can think of no greater blessing than to be blest by family.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday December 13th

Today was an interesting day. I had my appointment to see how I am doing after the first series of chemo. All my counts were fine. I just hope that I have some blood left at the end of this. I go in again next week and am hoping that the counts will be on the going up.

After that I went wig shopping with my sister Leslie, a cancer survivor, and my Mom. If I lose my hair it should be next week either the day before the wedding or on the wedding day!! So we set out in search for a wig. We met this very nice woman in a store with thousands of wigs. Any style, color, shape whatever you wanted. She asked me about how I wear my hair, the same style since I was 12, color, which of course really is gray, and what I was looking for. I told her to choose. She did. I am not going to reveal what the wig ended up looking like, but I was pleased. It was fun to be with Leslie and Mom and to have this adventure. It is something that I never thought I would have to do.

Then the three of us went to lunch and enjoyed the time talking about all of the fun things we did when were growing up. Thanks Mom and Leslie.

Last night I went a little late to the Community choir concert. The music was wonderful and the children’s choir was so sweet. I love Christmas music, smiles, and candy canes, all of them at the concert last night. Filled me with the Christmas spirit. Life is good-hope you are enjoying this great season of the year!!


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friday - Dec 9th

What a marvelous day!! It is one of those days you dream about from the time you understand that a new child will be joining your family. We took Amanda and Ethan and went to the temple. She looked so peaceful and beautiful and there was a sweet spirit presented. Ethan was so very attentive and kind to her. As we were walking in we met three girls and their leader Rhoda Ewing on the way to do baptisms. I couldn’t explain to them what it meant to have her doing what she was doing. It was a tender mercy to see them and see the excitement that they had.

It brought me back to the day that I went to be married to the man of my dreams. I needed to thank him so much for all the years together, but especially this last month, No one could have some one care as he has cared. He has done everything and is always looking to see if he can find a need I have. I am grateful that he is a priesthood holder and has used that priesthood in my behalf. I used to wonder if we could spend 24 hours a day together-I no longer do. I love you Kelly!!


Mark and Jacky’s little 14 month old boy, Ian (aka meatball), hasn’t been feeling well. When Mark and Jacky first flew home on Wednesday, little Ian would walk all around the house, stumbling and bumbling into things – he’s not use to walking on carpet. (Mark and Jacky have tile floors in El Salvador). So this morning as we arose, I asked Bear what we could do to help little Ian, and she simply said “roll him up in bubble wrap.” I had to smile J. Today was a wonderful day. My sweetheart was in good spirits and able to accomplish much good, even though fatigue is an issue. I discovered an article spotlighting her on the front page of our little Morgan County News – what a touching tribute to my sweetheart! (Thank you Allens!) She has indeed blessed this community. The Temple experience was clearly the highlight of our day. I pondered on the tender mercies of the Lord which permitted Sherie and me to see the last of our last children receive her endowments. Wow – Amanda was so beautiful, and Ethan was simpatico! We were grateful the Wilfords could join us. There was a sweet spirit; the ordinance workers were attentive and kind. How grateful I am for sacred ordinances and covenants available in Holy Temples! Thank you for all your prayers in behalf of my eternal companion. We love you. And I will be forever grateful to be with my sweetheart and family in the House of the Lord! Yeah Bear…!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday, December 8, 2011

They are here!! I have those cute kids home from El Salvador for a minute or two. Ian has grown so much and is trying hard to walk on carpeting because they don’t have carpet in their home. I love watching Mark and Jacky watch him. Life is good.

So far so good. I am little tired, but otherwise am feeling well. I had a chance to visit with my Mom and Dad yesterday. I love to spend time with them. I have a good friend who is always reminding me of the importance of enjoying and growing with your parents and appreciating that you have them here, as her parents on now on the other side helping her from there.

I just wanted to share a thought I found today in an journal today. It was from Elder Jayden Snyder report home from his mission. He said “Believe in miracles. Those who don’t believe in miracles will never find them.” Miracles surround us all every day. I know, they are happening to me and those who are around me.



December 7, 2011
Well, the first series of drugs are done. So far, so good. I have a shot tomorrow and then check-ups to see how things are coming the next two Mondays. I am just a little tired, but that is solved easily.
On our way home today, I went with my sweet Amanda and got her clothing for the temple. What a great experience for me. She is so excited to go to the temple and I feel so blessed to be able to have her getting ready for the big events in her life the next couple of weeks. It just adds to the excitement of Christmas!! We love Ethan and they will be a great couple.
The last bit of the exciting news for today. Mark and Jacky should arrive on American soil in about 15 minutes from El Salvador!!! Yea for us!! We are so excited to have them come home for a visit. Ian is up and walking and I am hoping will be able to remember a little bit who his Grandmother is. This is going to be a great Christmas and wedding season. I am so blessed.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December 6, 2011


I wanted to add some events that happened on Monday, December 5. Our little Mayli turned 6 years old and had a wonderful exciting day full of love and dance and everything that little girls love. Her mother also had a wisdom tooth extracted not so much fun, but she made it a special day for Mayli. Also beautiful Libby danced in her dance recital and then surprised her older brother and had him dance with her for one of the numbers up on stage. They were both so excited!


We just returned from the second treatment which went very well. Thomas was my number 1 driver today and entertainer. He helped me to tie around a blanket (not quite with a smile), but was very kind patient while we were there. I appreciate the time and effort it took on his part. I am feeling good. Most likely we will not see the side effects until Thursday or Friday, but why worry about that now. They have tried very hard to keep them stay at a minimum.
The treatment went faster than Monday, but about the same procedure. No extra tests and so we were able to move on.
I will go back tomorrow for the third treatment in this series.
I found a thought as I was reading a book by Patricia Holland called the Quiet Heart that I wanted to share:

No matter how serious the trial, how deep the distress, how great the affliction, God will never desert us. He never has, and He never will. He cannot do it. It is not His character. He is an unchangeable being, the same yesterday, the same today, and He will be the same throughout the eternal ages to come. We have found that God. We have made Him our friend, obeying His gospel: and He will stand by us. We may pass through deep waters but we shall not be consumed not overwhelmed. We shall emerge from all these trials and difficulties the better and purer for them, if we only trust in our God and Keep his commandments.”


(Look at those blue eyes)


(getting ready for her dance recital)


Monday, December 5, 2011


Today we are grateful for miracles. In preparation for Sherie's first treatment, our wonderful research coordinator, Robbyn, told us Sherie would not have to endure multiple ECG tests since she had just learned that the study drug Palifosfamide did not contribute to serious heart damage as once thought. The treatment went well as 20 year veteran nurse Michelle introduced two cancer killing drugs into Sherie's implanted smart port and she had no adverse reaction. (The battle is on!) Sherie has required less pain medicine. The thrush she discovered yesterday was reduced and virtually eliminated in her mouth today. My sweetheart was able to join me for a late lunch at Applebees in Bountiful where the food tasted reasonably good and we enjoyed each other and the moment. Importantly, the outpouring of concern and cheer from family and community has been miraculous, lifting our hearts and spirits. And we are grateful for the miracle of children and grandchildren who excel and grow under the unconditional love and help of their parents. Today was a day of miracles and tender mercies :)


Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Love

Ok. So I win! I took my Sweetheart to our primary physician yesterday as we get ready for our upcoming treatments on Monday. Bear has lost several pounds over the last few days which I ascribe to eating no sugar and just not eating enough. Dr. Ferrin noticed the weight lost and told her that she needs to eat more - which is precisely what I have been gently telling her. She has promised to repent :)

I deeply love her with all my heart and soul! She is a resilient and elect lady. We are so grateful for the love of family and the community and friends, and for outpouring of love and kindness from so many people. We love you all! Bear and I take great comfort in the words of the Lord from the Doctrine and Covenants that we have shared before:

D&C 123:17 "Therefore, dearly beloved brethren, let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed." ly Dad


Thursday, December 1, 2011


I know that it has been several days since I have written, but it has been kind of quiet around here and I have appreciated that. Today was Emma’s dance day. I have to tell you that it was so FUN!! There was such joy as those ten girls danced, moved, and enjoyed each other. I love watching my grandchildren.

The wedding plans for Amy and Ethan are moving forward. There is such excitement around here. Her eyes just dance and we love the way that he takes care of her and protects her. Nothing but pure joy!!

We also received word today from the doctor’s office that I qualified for the study. I was happy about that. We will begin on Monday at 9:00. They certainly have tried to make this experience as nice for me as they can. As they explained today I will have an IV to hydrate me and then they will add the first drug. After they make sure that I do not react to anything, then they will do the same procedure with the second drug. After which they will give me a little more medication for nausea and to help keep infection out. The port has healed nicely and I am glad that we put it in a week in advance. It is kind of funny to have something inside of you that you can feel and see. I am sure that I will get to use to it at some point.

I was reading last night about hope. Michael Wilcox wrote about David and Goliath and that David prepared to meet his Goliath when he fought the bears and the lions that were there. His point is that we have been preparing for challenging times all the time and that we need to rely on the lessons that we have learned when we face them. The Lord has not left us alone. I have reflected on this today. I do know that there have been experiences in my life that have been given to me specifically to help me with this experience. Isn’t it good to know that the Lord is aware of each of us?