Thursday, December 22, 2011

Amanda's Wedding Day

Well today was the day. Amy came bouncing down the stairs at 5:30 singing “I’m getting married”. Then she was off running, hair appointment at 7:00 and I am already exhausted and the day has just started!!

Most everything was set for the wedding on Wednesday night. Suzi and Doug Chard had done a great job and we brought in just a few little things. Leslie, Blair, Melissa, and Grant helped the rest of the group finished. I thought it looked wonderful and I think that Amanda was happy with the end project.

As we were decorating we received word that my little grand nephew (13 days) was going to primary hospital for a surgery today (Thursday). He has water on the brain so they had to get him down here and relieve that pressure. His mother had just been released from the hospital on Saturday because she had c-diff. The surgery went well and the fluid is draining and we are grateful.

The temple was wonderful. My father was able to perform the ceremony and it was wonderful to see so many family, friends. Ethan is a great young man and will take care of and love her. When Amy came in to say bye so that she could run, she said “I have been waiting for this day all my life. I dreamed of the day I would go to the temple and be married.” Pay day

Just a couple of other things. Isaac Sara’s 4 year-old was in quite a deep discussion with his mother. He said, I know when we see Nannie her hair will have fallen out because of the medicine. Sara told him that was true but it was ok because it will grow back in. He then asked, "Well what happen to Papa’s hair, is it growing back in?"

It was a wonderful day!! Thank you to all who helped, but thanks to all who came and helped us to celebrate this day. We love you and are grateful for your love and concern for us. No one walks alone!


It was indeed a wonderful day – and our hearts are full for the kindnesses of family, neighbors and friends who gave of their time and talents to bless our family!! How we thank you! As Sherie noted, when Amy stated “I dreamed of the day I would go to the temple and be married,” she added, “this is what I’ve wanted to do ever since I was four years old.” What a sweet realization for all of us, and how important it struck me that we love and teach our young children of temples, sacred covenants and eternity. The boys and I gathered just before Ethan took Amy to the Temple and gave Sherie a priesthood blessing; and then we watched as the Lord sustained her throughout the day, even to being able to stay in the reception line for two and a half hours! We will be forever grateful. Today we were especially blessed by the Wilford family – amazing people! How grateful we are to have their son, Ethan, as part of the family. I watched his tenderness in the Temple as he took the hand of our little daughter. He is a good man and makes this father ever so confident that his little girl will be well taken care of. After Amy’s first dance with her good husband, I had the chance to dance with her. Peanut Butter (as I like to call her), whispered to me that this is exactly what she had always wanted, that everything turned out perfect, and how happy she was. My heart melted. I shall always cherish the moment; and I shall always cherish this day with children and grandchildren, extended family and wonderful friends. Most importantly, I shall cherish this day with my beautiful eternal sweetheart and companion!

Papa, the-other-one-with-not-so-much-hair



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Glad everything went well and turned out perfect.

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