Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December 19, 2011

What a day!! Today 10 years ago, my first grandchild came into this world. Caleb Aaron Fausett was born and he has been a joy ever since. Caleb loves science, math, legos, and his brothers and sisters and his parents. He is asking how I am and if he is here, he rubs my feet, gets me water before I know I need it and just talks to me. His Mom and Dad are lucky to have such a great helper. Happy Birthday Caleb!!

On another note, Sunday night I was getting ready for bed when all of a sudden there I stood with a hand full of hair. It was like the strangest sensation. There was no pain, there was nothing, just hair and believe me, there is hair everywhere now. I had no idea that I had that much hair. Right now I kind of look like Kelly in the hair department. I still have some, but not much-so the question becomes, hat woman or wig women?? Can’t see me in either, but I am going to have make a choice I think. My dear niece Krystal made me 2 beautiful hats. I am so grateful for her kindness.

I go back into to see the doctor on Tuesday just for a check-up. I am trying to have the strength for the big wedding on Thursday which we are very excited for. Ethan is a great young man and he loves Amanda. This has been just such a fun filled week with everyone here and Christmas and a wedding. Last night we watched Scrooge. The second ghost sings “I like life, life likes me:” That is how I feel I love life!!! We are so blessed to have the experiences that we are having and learning and growing and loving. Sometimes there is so much love it is overwhelming. So grateful for the simple and wonderful things we have such as family and friends. I could not do this alone.



Heidi Gail Richhart said...

We will be thinking about you all on Thursday. Congrats to Amanda & Ethan. We love all of you.

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