Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Beginning of the Diagnosis

Beautiful Flowers from Kelly and Amanda

7 November 2011Monday.

Kelly took me to the doctor because I had been experiencing pain in my leg and hip and had been coughing and wheezing. We went to a new doctor, Tricia Ferrin with IHC, who did a very thorough examination which included a series of X-Rays. In reviewing an X-Ray of my lungs, Dr. Ferrin found some pneumonia and sent me home with several prescriptions. She also explained she felt the pain in my hip and lower back was not from bursitis in my hip, but came from my back and so she scheduled an MRI for Friday evening.

8 November 2011Tuesday

This afternoon I received a phone call from the doctor’s office explaining there appeared to be some abnormal mass in my lungs. Dr. Ferrin scheduled a CT scan for me on Wednesday morning at McKayDee Hospital.

9 November 2011Wednesday

At 10:00 a.m., Kelly and I headed to McKay Dee for myfirst CT scan. The scan, was a most interesting experience as they put a contrast into my veins. In the early afternoon, Dr. Ferrin phoned and asked me to come in so that they could talk and to bring Kelly with me. She said it was complicated. Kelly was at work, but Amanda was home, so she took me down and I met Kelly at the doctor’soffice. Dr. Ferrin explained at that time the masses in my lung were round, cannon ball shaped objects and were suspicious for metastatic sarcoma, a secondary cancer. It was such a shock, but she was very calm and helped us to be calm as well. She scheduled an appointment the next day for a second CT scan to see if they could find theprimary source of the cancer. She also called and set up anappointment for me to meet with an oncologist on Monday, November 14. Tender mercies all around that day. Had I not been ill with breathing problems they would not have discovered the masses. Kelly was able to leave work and come and be with me and we then were able to pick upthe required medication (contrast) for the scan that would take placethe next day. Amanda was there to help me and take me where I need to go. Sara and Aaron received my call with the news about the cancer at 4:00pm. They immediately bundle up their children and within a couple hours were on their way here. All of the children called and wanted to come, but I encouraged them to wait until the weekend to come. Mike and Dede had just returned from a trip to Texas, so they neededto keep the girls in school.We were able to get sweet Michelle and Matthew and our wonderful Jacky and Mark and talked with them via Skype. This was very difficult for us and for them because they are so far away. But we know that they love us. I am grateful for the tender mercy of modern communication.I don’t know what we would have done had I not been able to hear their voices. They have communicated with us every day. What a joy to have family who loves you and shares that love with you. Kelly wrote to President Clegg, Tim’s mission president, and asked himto let Tim know that we would be fasting on Sunday as a family becauseI had developed a health issue. President and Sister Clegg have beenso great. They wrote us back and President explained that 11 yearsago he had colon cancer. They offered their love, prayers andsupport. I am grateful for the love they have Tim and for us. They also reminded us of the strength that comes because of the service of these young people and the faith which they have.

10 November 2011 Thursday

Kelly and I went to the IHC Medical Building in Layton whereI had the another CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis region. A couple hours later, Dr. Ferrin called and explained that they had found a mass behind my left kidney. They could not tell if the mass was attached to the kidney or spine, but felt that we needed to have abiopsy on Friday.
At this point you are beginning to know the folks at McKay Dee by name.
When I came home, Cathy Rees and her Daughter Jamie dropped in to cheer me up. They are so thoughtful and so kind and so positive.
My neighbor next door and good friend, Marylene Caton, called me thisafternoon and let me know that she had heard about what was happening.She asked if she could put my name on the prayer roll of her church(Baptist). I was so touched by her faith and friendship and honored that she would do this for me.
Liz and Julia came by on their way back from the temple and on the wayto a team meeting. How grateful I am for the faith that these twowomen have and for their desire to do anything that they could to helpme.Thursday evening, Coach Wiscombe and Julia called the volleyball teamtogether and explained to them what was happening. They then had aprayer in my behalf. Sweet Katie Peterson and her Dad (our Bishop)came by to visit after. Katie told me that they would be fastingtomorrow in my behalf. I love those girls and their parents and havenot been as helpful this year as I wish I could have been.
We were also visited by our good friends, John and Cathy Ure.John and Connie also came to visit. They are so good to stop andtalk. Sara and Connie talked about the wedding and fun thingslike that. I enjoyed just watching them all and smiling. What ablessing to have a great family and friends to surround you.

11 November 2011Friday.

We found ourselves back at McKay Dee with a biopsy scheduledat 11:00 and an MRI for 8:00 pm. While we were filling out paperwork,Sue Stark, a friend of mine, came out from the back. I knew that sheworked with MRI’s at McKay Dee but also knew that she wasn’t workingthat evening as I had just spoken with her sister Sheri Rich. Sue stopped and talked to us and then worked her magic. She made itpossible for us to have the MRI and biopsy at the same time and thenwas kind enough to do the MRI for me. She was so very kind helping to keep me calm (which if you know me is a very difficult thing to do) and then making sure that I had the best nurse in the hospital inradiology watching over me. The Lord brought sweet people into ourlives to help us. Many of the students and teachers at Morgan High School fasted in mybehalf today. I could feel their love and support and their faith.The Lord does not leave us alone.
Just an added note. While Kelly and I were away, the kids got busy and painted the living room, rearranged the furniture, bought a new table for the entry way with floral arrangements, and change thefamily room by placing an area rug and moving the furniture. It looks amazing!! They all worked so hard and spent way too much money. Sara and Dede have been cooking everything that we would need includingwonderful smelling homemade bread. They have tried to make this house a home and have it be wonderful for me to be at.

12 November 2011Saturday

My mermaid friend Joy Randall dropped in. I love Joy.She is so willing to give everything she has for her friends.
The doctor’s office phoned again today (can you believe that?!) andhad the results of the MRI. The tumor was not on the spine. Greatnews!! Also the cleaning fairies arrived again and cleaned the master bathand bought new rugs to help me have a calm feeling. It looks great.Then a wonderful surprise, my sister Julie and her husband Ralph from Meridian, Idaho came to visit. They were so very sweet. They broughtme a stuffed bear with glasses that would watch over me. I am grateful for their love.
Brent and Melissa also came by with home made soup. I talked to Melissa for a minute about a change in my diet tosee if it will help me gain strength and health.
I think I shouldstudy the Word of Wisdom a little more.

to be continued.....



Heidi Gail Richhart said...

Wow! i almost started crying reading of all the tender mercies and love shown to you by your friends, neighbors, ward members and family. And love and service rendered by your family, friends. I hope one day i can and will have a family like you. You are so blessed and lucky and loved.

Janessa said...

Shear!! I am so glad that you are doing this blog!! helps me keep up on you little lady!! I just love you so much, you are the best!! You and your sweet family are in my prayers! keep that smile on your mug!! I love your smile!!!

The Patty Cake House said...

Oh how I love you!!!!!

Cathy said...

It is so wonderful that you are being taken care of!! It looks like there are a lot of people who love and care about you -- and I'm sure that is because you have been such an important influence in their lives. We love you and are praying for you and your family.
P.S. I love the's beautiful!

Marilyn L. said...

Dear Sherie,
I love this blog. I love you. We ALL love you. We are praying for you each day. You and Kelly are such examples of what an Latter-Day-Saint family should be like. You lives are filled with service to everyone. Now it is our time to serve you and your family. We hope you enjoyed the turkey and such. Love, Marilyn Lofgreen and family.

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