Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Letter to Sherie

November 13, 2011

My dear sweetheart and eternal companion:

I have been deeply touched to watch the outpouring from the community these last few days. As I read your patriarchal blessing to the children, I was again touched by the blessing you received of the ability to love, to give love to others. Wow. It truly is the most amazing gift. I believe it to be the pure love of the Savior. Thank you for sharing that gift with me, and for teaching me all that you have!

You are my sweetheart and never before have I given my entire heart and soul in love as I have to you. You are the mother of our remarkable children and grandmother to our grandchildren. You can see your powerful influence in them by how they have rallied around us these last few days. Wow. Your countenance and love is reflected in their acts of goodness and kindness. As a nurturer, you have touched their lives in so many ways, as you have touched mine. You are my love, my light and my life. The Lord has given me to know that you had a very special place in the heavens before the foundation of this earth, and that I was blessed to be your companion that I might take care of you. I find it a great honor to do so, and I have covenanted with the Lord to do so all the days of my life!

It is my faith that all will be well. You will receive the choicest of care and the prayers of faith and priesthood will see you through. You will be restored to health and will yet do many great and wonderful things to build up the Kingdom of God. May the Lord bless and sustain you, and may my love carry you through any and all challenges and trials you may yet face. I look forward to walk with you hand in hand through the eternities. I look forward to serving with you in the House of the Lord.

With all my love,



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