Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 13-23

We are going to summarize this all in one. During this time I was still in the Respiratory ICU down at Murray Hospital. On Friday the 10th I had a very rough day. They put a feeding tube in to prevent me from aspirating and they could control the amount of calories I had. On that night all the kids that were around including Thomas, Amy and Ethan, the Fausetts and Wrights, along with our wonderful Bishop, and my mom and dad gathered in the ICU and they gave me a blessing. There is such strength in families and the priesthood. I even got to talk to my missionary Elder Timothy Wright. I told him to keep up the work. Best medicine that could come came on Saturday and Sunday, my wonderful sons Mark and Matt along with Jacky and Ian were able to fly in from out of the country. We just missed our Michelle and our little M3. Then on Sunday the 12th it was not a good day. Nothing went right. The test results were low, I was not making much progress, it was a discouraging day.The only uplifting this was I got to listen to the Peterson Ward sacrament meeting via audio. Technology is amazing. About 2 am on Monday morning I had a sweet spirit come over me that said "Be still and Remember that I am God." I went back to sleep, and from that time on the oxygen levels have come down from that point where I was on 100 percent oxygen to where I am right now on 4 liters of oxygen. That was a significant turning point. During that week we started participating in physical therapy. Still very week, the therapy felt good. On February 19th we were able to celebrate 59 years of marriage for my parents. What a blessing it is to grow up in a home where the gospel is taught and lived, and where your parents love one another and each of their children. Love you Mom and Dad. I remained in the ICU until the 23rd where the transported me via ambulance to the Promise Hospital which is located in the LDS hospital. Promise Hospital is an acute care rehab hospital. Thanks for all the care at the Murray Hospital ICU. We had many attentive nurses, techs, doctors, therapists, and dieticians. We also want to thank for you all for the encouraging cards, flowers, texts, prayers, thoughts. We made it through all of that because of the love and support of our family and friends. Thank you!



Heidi Gail Richhart said...

your always in our thoughts and prayers.

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