Monday, February 6, 2012

February 4, 2012

Today was the women’s conference for the Morgan North Stake. I wasable to go and meet with the sisters for the opening session. What asweet and gentle spirit was there. Bro Laurie Anderson was the keynote speaker and he was magnificent. I was very touched especially as he talked about the fact that we are not invisible to the Lord. I know that this is true. There have been times when I know that I have been wrapped in His loving arms. We are so blessed to know that weare loved. Brother Devin Walker then sang “Where can I turn for peace?” It so fit with the words that had just been spoken. Then President Roger Peterson talked about our Spiritual DNA. I was lifted and felt the unity of the sisters and their leaders from the meeting. I know of the Love that the our Stake Presidency has for all of the sisters. The closing song was Sister Sandi Johanson as she sang “I believe” The words of this song have gone through my mind over and over again. Music can be such a healing influence. I must say how very grateful I am for my presidency. They did everything with their committees. The building was beautiful and the food delicious and the reports the classes were magnificent. I am so grateful for them, although I know that they are exhausted. The Lord has so blessed us with the plan to work as presidency and with each other. Know that I love you Lanelle, Cathy, and Christene.

SaraAnne and Aaron are their little ones stopped in for a couple of hours. They brought pictures of the white blood cells eating the cancer cells. I have swords and magic ponds that drown the cells. There are dead cells everywhere. They also brought food and bread but mostly they brought love and life and joy. We so loved having them here with us. Amanda and Ethan came up to so we all enjoyed the chance to be together again.



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