Sunday, February 12, 2012

7-12 February 2012
Challenging Week
Thanks to the wonderful oximeter from the Fausetts (what a blessing!), we have been able to monitor Sher’s oxygen saturation for several days. On Tuesday afternoon, February 7th, at our doctor’s appointment, her oxygen was seriously low, and so I immediately took her to the IMC Emergency Room. The ER doc took a chest X-Ray and then a CT scan, and discovered additional blood clots and pneumonia. She was admitted to the Respiratory ICU at the IMC in Murray where the good doctors, nurses, technicians and others have been so kind in caring for her. On Thursday, Dr.Dean directed a bronchoscopy where they looked at her lungs with a miniature camera and cleansed them with a sterile fluid. The discovered a tumor that was blocking the lower left brochial tube. We are hopeful in time they will be able to remove the tumor, but we have to get her better first. From a culture taken from the lungs, we learned Bear has Pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP), an opportunistic form of pneumonia caused by a yeast-like fungus. Apparently, a pathogen specific to humans can cause lung infection in people with a weak immune system, e.g., people with cancer, HIV/AIDS and the use of medications that affect the immune system. It is very dangerous. They have Sher on oxygen and lots of antibiotics. Sher has an unconquerable spirit. She is amazing and we have felt a flood of love, faith and prayers from family and friends. We thank you for love and concern. Sher is resting well this evening with good stats and we will continue to trust in the Lord. We are thankful for the angels at this hospital who continue to care tenderly for my sweetheart. We have been so grateful to wonderful family who have gathered to sustain and bless us!



Heidi Gail Richhart said...

Thanks for the update... We all sure appreciate it. We love you and Sherie & your family so much.

Gwen said...

So glad you have posted. We have been praying for her. Liz spoke of her yesterday in church. Sherie, you are an amazing woman. Love you !

Cathy said...

Sherie, so sorry to hear of the struggles this past week. I am glad to hear there has been some progress and will hope for continued progress. Baby steps.....


Sherilee said...

Our prayers and thoughts are with you always. Hang in there, we love you.

Leslie said...

We Love you Sherie! Our thoughts and prayers are with you! Travis, Leslie, Colton and Aubree

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