Monday, March 26, 2012

My dear sweetheart, I love you.
I always have, and I always will.
My love is eternal;
Our love will be everlasting.
I miss you.
You are strikingly beautiful.
There is profound beauty in your soul.
I knew the first day I met you.
Your beauty, your grace and your virtue have filled my life with joy…
You have blessed my life forever!
Our family – children, grandchildren and future posterity –
Continue as a testament to your goodness and love.
I thank God we are bound together in love
Through eternal covenants sealed by Priesthood authority
I find peace in this truth.
Christ is the Center of our Home.
He Stands at the Apex of our Relationship.
We love the Father; and we love His plan.
We revere and hearken to His prophets;
We strive to hold fast to the iron rod.
As one of God’s valiant daughters,
You are of infinite worth, infinite potential, and infinite capacity.
As a son of God, I was given to you to bless, protect and provide.
You leave mortality with a legacy of faith, courage and strength
It will never fade.
I will live to honor your name.
You are an elect lady
From your divine nature flow
And Love
Thank you for your smile, your laugh, and that look you gave me from time to time,
(You know the one I mean)
Thank you for your affection.
Thank you for our family.
Thank you for your music that always makes my heart sing.
Thank you for your Christlike acts of service,
You love and are beloved of family and community
I will live the balance of my mortal journey
that I may always hold your affection.
I can never forget you.
I hold your memory close.
May the Lord hold you safe in His arms of everlasting love,
Until we embrace again.
ly cl


M. Gordon said...

Oh, dad, this is simply beautiful ... you and mom shared a fullness of love that cannot be dimmed by years and that will stand through the ages as a testament to the best that eternity can offer. I thank our Eternal Father for His merciful plan, through which we will be reunited with her again. You are my hero.

Heidi Gail Richhart said...

That was so fitting and beautiful!

Julie said...

I love you Kelly Wright. Sherie is yours forever. There was no one before you and she always knew what it was like to be loved completely. It will always be a blessing to her. What an example of true love, the eternal love we all strive for. I am lucky to be your sister.

Leslie Scoresby said...

Thank you, Kelly, for this loving tribute to your sweetheart, my sister. How I love and admire you. My admiration has grown as I've watched you care and love with unending faith. I am eternally grateful for a that assures me that you and Sherie will be eternal sweethearts. Thank you for your example. I love you~

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