Thursday, March 1, 2012

February 23-March 1

On the 23rd I left Murray Hospital and was transported by ambulance to the Promise Hospital located in LDS Hospital in Salt Lake. Promise Hospital is an acute care rehab hospital that is going to help me get stronger, get radiation treatment to my lungs, and finish my antibiotics from the PCP. We were admitted late Thursday to a shared room. On Friday I was able to get my first treatment of radiation. And how evaluation for physical therapy. Feeding tube was still in, but I was working hard at eating so I could get it out. Weekend went by okay. No new improvements. I was fortunate enough to get a treat basket from the Peterson Ward with a lot of cards and goodies. And a beautiful quilt made by a good friend Sandra Jensen. That cheered my spirits and lifted me. On Sunday night I was able to get my PICC line out, and we were also able to hear the Peterson Ward Sacrament meeting and were able to recieve the sacrament here. Monday we had our second treatment of radiation. The wonderful Newton family came and sang to me and brought me some yummy cookies. We met with the pain doctor to try to put a nerve block in to help with the pain that we thought was coming from the tumor in my back, but it turns out it was a pinched nerve. Which was a miracle. The doctor gave a steriod shot and that help to relieve some of the pain. On Tuesday the feeding tube FINALLY came out! Wahoo! They continue to keep me on a low sodium, renal diet. Which is very bland, but it is ten times better than having the feeding tube in. This whole week I have been working with phyiscal, occupational, and respiratory therapy to help get me stronger. I will finish my antibiotics tomorrow for the PCP, and I just finished up my fifth and final day of radiation for the tumor in my lungs. I am currently on 4 liters of oxygen and keep my oxygen saturation above 90 percent. Thanks for the love!



Martincrew said...

Our prayers are added to so many! You are beautiful and radiate so much love and faith. Be well.... love, hugs and kisses headed your way <3

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